Sunday, 8 July 2018

(Backup) Goodbye Bonnie Scotland.... hello Ballycastle

Well here we are in beautiful Ballycastle.
We were sad to leave Islay, particularly as we did not get to visit the Laphroig distillery but this disappointment was easily replaced by the excitement and joy of sailing to the North of Ireland.Ballycastle was most welcoming and we enjoyed watching the second half of the football in the Harbour Inn.

My friend Tonny made a new pal in Alistair who was able to give him a full and comprehensive .... although somewhat one sided...rundown of Northern Irish politics in  about 4 minutes.... He left feeling fully enlightened by the conversation.
Ballycastle is a lovely seaside town with an expanse  of sand and interesting history. It was once a thriving industrial town famous for its coal mining glass manufacturing and soap making.The marina is well protected from the elements and ideal as a stopover en route South. Tonight, after a tasty meal in the Ballycastle Hotel, we have enjoyed listening to music and planning our trip to Glenarm tomorrow, where there will be a crew change.

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