Thursday, 30 June 2016

Through the rocks to Vastervik

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A Day in Vastervik

Today my friends and I decided to spend the day dealing with a small leak that has been pestering us since we crossed the North Sea
Vastervik is the ideal place to deal with this sort of problem because it has a well appointed boatyard with a crane
We arrived at the boatyard at 7 o'clock this morning and the boat was out of the water by 7.30
Both the crew of Calismarde and Bonita worked tirelessly all day and by 6 o'clock tonight the boat is ready to be relaunched

We will wait until tomorrow in order to let the paint dry then go for a short sail and return to Vastervik in order to be able to facilitate the next crew change

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Through the rocks to Vastervik

Today we have motored through several very narrow channels and eventually arrived in Vastervik
The scenery is breathtakingly spectacular and we have come to Vastervik earlier than originally planned to do some work on the boat and to enable further crew changes
Unfortunately there is no wifi here so no photos today

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Beyond Bla Jungfrun

After a visit to the shops and a chat with our lone sailing German neighbour in Sandvik we set off with a gentle fair wind into the Archipelago
After a short sail we came across Bla Jungfrun which is a big rock in the middle of the sea.

The name means 'Blue Maiden' and the Rock has deep mystical significance in this part of Sweden. In order to not disturb the spirits, the Joslins and I along with the crew of Bonita decided not to stop but rather move on and find a quiet anchorage within the archipelago

After a rest at anchor and a stroll ashore we moved on to Figeholm which is a very quiet harbour steeped in history and which was once an important harbour for the timber trade
After a visit to the local museum we enjoyed a barbecue with Bjorn, our new solo sailing German friend whom we met in Sandvik

He thinks that the British are good sailors.......but bad footballers and terrible Europeans
How insightful is he!!?

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Sun and Sea in Sandvik

Today has been a day of acclimatisation for the new crew, my friends Hugh and Julia.
After an early reveille and a visit to the shops we set off with a kind wind on our quick 30 mile sail to Sandvik which is on the island of Olland
It was then that the fun and games started. Whilst being watched by several euro sceptic Swedes we took a while, but eventually succeeded in tying up to the quayside in a manner compatible with our new cult status amongst the euro yachties as the epitome of Brexitism.

The sun shone all day and the wind blew and we enjoyed an evening in the restaurant attached to the local windmill

At 11pm it is still quite light
We are hopefully off to an island anchorage tomorrow
As you can see the love boat is having its magical effect on the crew.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

All change in Kalmar

Today has been crew change day
We were sorry to say goodbye to my friend Laurence early this morning who made the epic journey home via Stockholm

After a morning spent dealing with routine maintenance we visited Kalmar Castle.

This was built in the 13th century and was once used as a woman's prison

This woman was imprisoned for having argued with her husband whilst sailing in Sweden
This evening we were delighted to welcome my friends 'The Joslins'who are now making themselves comfortable in the 'love nest' which doubles as the main cabin during daylight hours

Who knows what tomorrow will bring

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Comfy in Kalmar

Today has been a rather frustrating day.
My friend Laurence and I set off in high hopes of a good sail to Kalmar....a mere 20 miles but were frustrated by a drop in the wind which meant that the motor was called into action for much of the day

Despite this we arrived in Kalmar ahead of the Euro Pack so secured a good berth near to the facilities
Sadly the yacht chandlers was closed for the weekend before we arrived

Kalmar is a lovely town and is a World Heritage Site. It has a Disneyland style castle and a huge defensive tower

After some heated debate about Europe over dinner and discussion about the attractions of heading further North we sadly wished Laurence 'Bon voyage' after what has been a very enjoyable week
Tomorrow will be a day of reflection and tidying before my great friends 'The Joslins' arrive tomorrow evening.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit Gloom in Sunny Sweden

Today has been a day of stark contrasts. Thunder and lightening in the early hours heralded an early morning rush to the wifi to discover the referendum result.
We left Karlskrona in sunshine at the same

time as the Coast Guard ship which had been protecting us overnight,but it left before the potential 'Brexit Backlash' from our fellow 'Euro Sailors'
The journey back to the sea took us through very narrow channels flanked by jagged rocks,until we eventually arrived to the sea and a new future with all its hazards but sadly without any support from our 'Euro Sailor' colleagues.

My friend Laurence said that we were very lucky to survive this ordeal without a coffee.
After a mixed bag of wind we arrived at Bergkvara to be welcomed by a German sailor congratulating us on our achievement and relishing the opportunity to join us in an uncertain journey into the 'Euro Future'

After a walk to admire the local shopping mall we are enjoying an evening meal aboard Calismarde

awaiting the fireworks and celebrations being held tonight throughout Sweden but particularly in Bergkvara.
This is not to celebrate Brexit but because it is midsummer here;so everyone gets drunk.
Tomorrow it's a short sail to Kalmar.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Carlseberg in Karlskrona

After a very enjoyable evening in Hano (despite Sweden losing to Belgium in the football) today my friend Laurence and I got sunburnt and have now run out of sun cream.

This is poor consolation for those people who are drenched on Election Day but be reassured that we have now been able to buy more factor 30 in Karlskrona
There was little wind today but this lack of excitement was easily made up by the fact that we had to go very near to some fearsome looking rocks in very narrow channels

We are now happily tied up and currently awaiting for the washing machine to provide clean smalls so that we will all be ready for tomorrow's adventures.
Karlskrona is a big naval city with all facilities which we hope to explore later.

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Hano in the sunshine

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Shady characters in Ystad

Call Wallender......,

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

In Victory's wake

Today my friend Laurence and I sailed the 30 miles to Hano.
This is a tiny island just off the Swedish coast. There are 60 residents and a small bar where we are watching Sweden playing football along with the crew of Bonita and about half of the local population. Laurence and I were pleased that we could use the spinnaker today which meant that we arrived earlier than expected.
We all enjoyed a walk around the island and visited the graves of some sailors from HMS Victory who died in 1812 when Hano was the home of the British Baltic fleet
Tonight we enjoyed a barbecue and a swim in the Baltic which is surprisingly warm and not very salty
We are all beginning to feel now that we are in the vicinity of the archipelago. Unfortunately however there is no wifi so we can't upload any photos until tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Shimmy to Simrishamn

After a morning spent looking around Ystad trying to find some villains we set sail today to Simrishamn on the Eastern side of Sweden
The weather has taken a turn for the better and we now realise that we are doing this trip with a large contingent of other, mostly German and Dutch boats.
They tend to leave the marinas much earlier than us so arrive early and get the best berths. The owners then look anxiously when we arrive hoping that we won't try and lie alongside them and potentially scratch their paintwork
This hasn't happened yet!!
Unfortunately no photos today....poor internet connection
Off to the tiny island of Hano tomorrow

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Tak.....its Sweden

"Tak" (which means yes in Swedish) we have eventually made it to Sweden and indeed have arrived in Wallender country, namely Ystad
We had a good sail and left Denmark by saying farewell to the famous white cliffs of Mon.

Contrary to popular belief this town is not all monochrome and gloomy but a bright and jolly place where people seem to laugh and have fun. We have yet to see any murders but have not yet done the Wallender trail around town.As it is raining at the moment we may just do a small sail today and this morning just soak up the local atmosphere.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

A narrow entrance in Klintholm

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Sunset in Klintholm

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Another day another island

Today we have mostly been doing sailing
Having left our tiny island paradise we sailed in strong winds to a place called Klintholm on an island called Mon
Thankfully the wind was behind us so we sailed the 50 odd miles in no time at all
Klintholm is a tiny harbour with a narrow entrance but thanks to some skilled deck work from my friend Laurence we arrived unscathed and without loss of paintwork
We had some tasty Danish fish and chips tonight which I am pleased to say will be repeating on me all night
We are hopefully going to Sweden tomorrow and will bypass Copenhagen for the time being in
favour of trying to get to the Swedish Archipelago
Unfortunately I can't download photos but will do so at earliest opportunity

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

A stiff sail to Viagro

Today my friend Laurence and I sailed the 50 miles to a tiny island called Vejro where there is a small harbour and a restaurant

It was quite windy but at least it was blowing from behind so we went quite fast

We have had a lovely meal and will be moving nearer Copenhagen tomorrow as the wind should still be favourable
They have boar sheep and rabbits on this island
Here is a picture of one that was made earlier

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Baltic but not busy

We have finally arrived in Denmark!
After an interesting stay in Kiel we left before the beginning of Kiel sailing week and having moored next to a couple of beautiful yachts

On the way out of the sound we were saluted by an American naval ship

and have now landed at a lovely and very quiet place called Bagenkop on the island of Langeland

It has one shop but no cash point although we can pay for things with Euros
Sadly, my friend Mark left us today and is travelling to Copenhagen on two buses and a train.

He was pleased to have sailed from Holland to Denmark during this week although we are all sorry not to have finished up nearer to Copenhagen. Hopefully we will get there next week

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In lock
at end of Kiel Canal

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Padded urinals in British Kiel Yacht Club

Thursday, 16 June 2016

In the Baltic

We have finally made it into the Baltic and are now staying at the British Kiel Yacht Club
This has been a sailing club run by the British Army since 1945 but is due to close down later this year
In the Gents toilets there are padded headrests for Gents to use when they have a pee after drinking too much
Our journey down the Kiel Canal was uneventful and we are looking forward to visiting Denmark tomorrow
Incidentally my friend Laura tells me that the word Spielbank does not mean 'Bottle Bank' rather Casino!
So much for my linguistic skills
I will send photos when we have wifi

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A busy couple of days

Yesterday my friend Mark and I sailed 80 miles from Norderney to the entrance of the Kiel canal in the Elbe River.
We started very early

and came through the lock of the canal at about 9.30 last night. This gave us enough time to have two pints of beer whilst watching a football match between Portugal and Iceland.
My friend Laura who knows Germany very well says that the Elbe is a very busy river as it leads up to Hamburg We can certainly vouch for that and several big ships passed close by during the day.The tide is very strong and we were pleased to have arrived at the right time to get the most benefit from it.

Today we have made a gentle trip towards Kiel and are now staying in Rensberg which is a quaint town on the banks of the canal.

Tomorrow ,sadly, my friend Steve returns home via Copenhagam then we will continue our journey until we hopefully reach Kiel tomorrow afternoon

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Cash point?

After a long walk looking to get cash out of a machine I now know the German for 'bottle'

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