Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Well....I'm committed now

The months quickly pass by and as March moves into April the anxiety levels begin to increase. There is a big hole in the bottom of the boat where the depth sounder transducer should be. The patch of rot in the cabin side is bigger than I thought and I really must replace the headlining (ceiling) in the cabin. The cooker has had it and I need to get charts and a couple of chips for the GPS
.....and...what about safety? asks my friend Tonny?????!!...
looks like an EPIRB /life raft /danbuoy /new flares are needed. Oh, and an upgraded radio licence
Thank god for retirement giving time to get the jobs done and for the help from Hugh with his varnishing brush. I miraculously met the deadline to launch on7th May. But will the engine start and will my new depth sounder transducer do the business?

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Location:Iron Wharf Faversham

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