Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It seemed like a good idea in December

Why don't we go on a cruise to the Baltic this summer ? suggests Mike by e mail over the Christmas Holiday. He will sail Bonita his beautiful 1888 yawl and we will go in a flotilla via Holland, the Kiel Canal and try and get to the Swedish Archipelago.
What a brilliant idea......will Jane agree...after all....a trip of 8 weeks leaving her to manage at home is not to be considered lightly. BUT..what a great opportunity to actually go for a proper sail in my old boat which is 60 this year and not something I have considered doing before....and I am 2 years older than Calismarde......she agreed!!!. So strike while the iron's hot and reply to Mike by return.
Is the boat up to it? is the skipper capable and can he find crew for the 8 week trip?

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