Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mooring mayhem in Middleberg

No rain today but plenty of wind, so we are grateful for being on the inland waterways which are a lovely place to sail

We didn't leave early for a change and despite that arrived in Middleberg by mid afternoon.
This is a beautiful 16th century town built around a series of canals
The harbour was packed with anxious sailors when we arrived and Bonita and Calismarde's entry did nothing to lessen the tension , particularly as both boats are difficult to manoeuvre. Indeed one German man was so stressedthat he accused William of being solely responsible for Brexit!!

We spent a lovely evening in the shadow of the town hall and will probably stay here tomorrow in light of the gale warnings

As I write this the wind is howling in the rigging
This shop in Middleberg specialises in supplying mycota powder so I can bring some home if needed....just let me know

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